Bridget Tehan

Bridget Tehan has worked for more than 10 years in emergency management in both the government and not for profit sectors. Bridget currently works at the Victorian Council of Social Service to highlight the needs of people who may be vulnerable and disadvantaged in emergencies, and to highlight the role of community and social service organisations before, during and after emergency events. VCOSS is a founding member of the Collaborative for Community-led Resilience, a cross-sector partnership that aims to build relationships and networks between communities, organisations, and practitioners to support and enable community-led resilience. VCOSS is also a founding member of the new Multicultural Emergency Management Partnership that is strengthening relationships between multicultural communities and emergency services, enabling communities to better manage stresses and shocks, including emergencies, through a network of trusted, diverse and connected people. Bridget is also the co-founder and President of the Australasian Women in Emergencies Network.